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Working with young and old in February!

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Two more events this month at SE-Village, the first was a youth-focussed Ideas Lab where Chris and Rachel from Urban Youth Charity kindly gave up their time to come and share their wisdom with SE-illage project leaders. This was followed a few days later by a hub event for community elders, bringing together 3 separate pensioners’ groups.

First, our Youth Ideas Lab was well received by all who attended. They discussed the rewards and challenges of working with young people and got top tips on some of the practical issues such as Safeguarding. Chris and Rachel from XLP were fantastic, bringing a lot of laughter in to the session, for example when Chris got covered in scarves to represent some of the challenges young people face in their lives. Their key message really fit in with the philosophy of SE-Village, that it is about developing relationships and empowering people to make their own decisions, and that change is subtle – we’re not knights on white horses!

It would have been great if more project leaders hoping to work with youth had attended, but there has been a lot of activity this month. In the future we should consider putting together some top tips on working with youth which we can share with project leaders, and we needed to build even more time into the session for projects to mingle and share experiences.

Next the community elders hub event was a roaring success! The turnout was amazing with 23 pensioners and 10 volunteers. This included BEGS (Black Elderly Group Southwark) based on Bellenden Road who came to meet the Monday and Friday Pensioners’ Clubs (who don’t normally mix!) based at Peckham Settlement.

Getting the event organised was a fantastic example of community spirit with food and drinks donated by Asda Peckham Rye and meat donated by local butcher Dennis. Janet, SE-Village Outreach Worker who got these donations organised said “There is no magic formula as such, I just talked about the benefit of being recognised as a key sponsor for the event and what this would mean to the Pensioners.”

BEGS volunteers and two of our SE-Villagers worked for hours the night before to prepare food and Janet said “they worked so well together and could not ask for a nicer set of women to work with.”

The feedback from the Pensioners was an over whelming “more please!” Many expressed they would not normally have the opportunity to make new friendships and found the new conversations exciting. They loved the chocolate prizes and enjoyed reminiscing.

“I found the event really interesting, I enjoyed meeting new people.”

“It was nice and easy to talk to everyone, and I liked moving from table to table to having new conversations. When I got home remembered all the things I should have said. I loved the salmon and how it was prepared, I want the recipe from the volunteer Geraldine. I’m from the Monday club and I’ve never meet the Friday club but while shopping in Peckham I bumped into someone from the Friday club, so I’ve made some new friends since the event. Thank You”

BEGS would love to do more work with the Peckham Settlement Pensioners and do regular reminiscence work.

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