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Two thought-provoking team workshops in February

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This month has seen the project team get together to explore and think about their work in more detail. Its been a busy month, but we loved it!

First Chris from Seedbed came in and everyone took away significant action points of how to transfer some of this thinking into their ‘work-based practice’ – everybody is talking about the things that they want to happen in the clubs resonating from some of the thinking they did with Chris!

Some examples of their reflections…

“I found the training very helpful and stretching. It helped me think through why it is I do what I want, now I hope to be more intentional in what I do, especially as I will be looking for a new job soon. It helped me think through the understanding of roles and about how my role relates to what I love.” Janet Bowens

“It has also helped me look at the work we do now and makes me want to engage more with the issues that are difficult and seemingly impossible to change, even things in the processes. It’s inspired and motivated me to step up to the impossible and changed the way I look at the processes and mechanics as being part of that!” Janet Bowens

“I took away a lot. I loved looking at the personal reasons, the bigger story to why we do things. The idea at connecting with my story to stay motivated in my work and the processes, getting away from just systems and finding a way of working that fits me and fits the bigger picture….” Vanessa O’Driscoll

“The things that stuck a cord about the way we work were about how the one of SE-Village philosophies is all about accepting people’s stories and not imposing our own ideas on people and yet as a team we do that each other, it was helpful to think of that philosophy around our own personal stories as well as what we are trying to do in the bigger picture/our work.” Vanessa O’Driscoll

“It was really good to step out and think differently to what we normally do.” Naomi Casserly

“I loved the stuff to do with passion and violation, finding my own stake in my actions and my work and have since found that really helpful when dealing with the everyday problem solving and system maintenance, it’s a real self-motivator… the bit I will take away with me most is that thing about “cultivating outrage and challenging inevitability”, I’m going to make it my new mantra!” Naomi Casserly

“The bit that will impact my work most is the use of stories, actively using stories to get to know people and making them a real part of what we do. It’s always been in our thinking but I haven’t always made time for it.” Naomi Casserly

“The training made me realise how important it is to open communication between 2 “opposing” factions. The key to solving problems between the dominant and non-dominant cultures must be in making both sides realise that they want pretty much the same thing- SHARED VALUES. The other challenge is in the dominant culture tolerating difference when it appears there are no shared values. It has challenged a lot of the way I think, In many ways the training session helped me to think more clearly about some of the dilemmas that the job has presented me with.  I’m not sure if it is possible to make meaningful change if you are not prepared to challenge established “inevitabilities”.” Archie Utley

Everyone felt a bit like they were “at college again” with Chris – but in a healthy way of being challenged, helped to think in a different way, being stretched, having new revelations of self, seeing things in a bigger context etc.

“Chris was very approachable and down to earth, honest and engaging. Him telling his ‘story’ at the beginning meant it was easy to do ours”. Janet Bowens

“The delivery was fine. It was very theoretical – this was no problem though as everything was easy to put into a practical context.” Archie Utley

Our second workshop was with Tessy Britton which the team also found hugely thought provoking:

“There are so many different types of project and community groups, I never knew that before. Enjoyed the lego mapping exercise and how we all worked together as a team. Also recognising how many skills we have or can access through our contacts was really eye-opening. We can solve our own problems!”

“I liked the theory of change where you work backwards from a goal to work out what you need to do. Liked the learning dreams thing where they had been working with kids and parents but it wasn’t going very well. Then they asked people what they wanted to learn, instead of trying to impose it and there was a much better response, and an unexpected outcome was that truancy dropped to zero!”

“I loved the inspirational stories and projects and the fact that they were still achievable. It was all about a shared contribution and the big impact of a small contribution from each of us. Liked the mens shed example which worked because it wasn’t an imposed agenda, they owned the space themselves”

“I liked how the theory of change could be applied to work and personal – identifying and overcoming challenges.”

For more on Tessy Britton see and for more photos from the session go to

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