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Workshop trials a useful learning

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SE-Village ran two workshops in February building on skills covered at the Ideas Labs sessions, and requests from SE-Villagers, as well as needs identified at their 1-2-1 development sessions. The first of these was “Winning Hearts and Minds – marketing with intent” which was developed by one of our volunteer mentor. A skilled coach and NLP practitioner Janice Joannou. Janice, who runs Rainbow Consultants developed a workshop focussing on achieving the right state and frame of mind for engaging others in your project and pitching to potential project participants.

We would have loved to see more people attending, only 4 came whereas 8 had said they would attend beforehand, and only 1 phoned to cancel on the day. 3 of them also arrived more than 30 minutes late and 1 had to leave an hour early, all of which disrupted the flow of the workshop and meant the facilitator had to be very agile and flexible! However, those who did attend got really in-depth attention from the facilitator and gave some great feedback:

“SE-Village has created a safe environment for me to walk those first steps”.

“I really do get it now, I can do it, you’ve given me a template to market my services”.

“I really felt it was really beneficial to attend and all the positive feedback I got. It has really made me focus on my pitch and what I am aiming to achieve.”

Our 2nd workshop was a Make Your Own Poster session, because a few of the project leaders had mentioned they were keen to start publicising their projects, but didn’t necessarily have the skills to make a poster or leaflet. The 3 who attended did find it useful, especially as 2 of them had already drafted posters/leaflets which weren’t quite working.

Despite the positive feedback from these sessions, however, we would recommend not delivering any more workshops beyond the Ideas Labs and instead signposting SE-Villagers to specialist training providers. This is because on reflection, offering workshops is not our strength, even with the kind support of mentors and other specialists. More importantly, offering this kind of service is not what SE-Village is really about, as it creates a subtle power dynamic, doing to and for, rather than with.



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February 27, 2012 at 11:53 am

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