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NCVO visit boosts our self-belief

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Donald from NCVO came in to see us in January to have a chat about what has been achieved so far and where we’re going. It was a really useful process because it gave us an opportunity to stop and reflect ahead of our upcoming interviews for the enquiry process with ICARUS. Also, Donald’s really positive feedback reminded us that SE-Village genuinely is such a fantastic, community-building project. He encouraged us to believe that 29th February, when the funding runs out, won’t really be the end, and that we will find a way to carry on! Certainly we’re trying hard to find more funding.  SE-Village is just starting to grow organically and take on a life of its own, led by the community, and with continued support we can really see there being a step-change in building a more flourishing Peckham. In the interim we’re developing a ‘holding plan’ which aims to provide enough on-going support to our SE-Village Project Leaders so they don’t feel deserted, and so that there can be a smooth restart when funding comes back in. In the meantime, here’s a summary of some of the highlights of SE-Village so far – thanks for reminding us Donald!

  • “100% success in bridging and bonding social capital” SE-Village has definitely contributed towards a more flourishing Peckham, improved people’s skills and confidence and is contributing towards a spirit of social entrepreneurship.
  • Development of Ideas Lab, a forum for people to build their ideas and meet others
  • A 121 mentoring scheme connecting local with local
  • Development of our celebration concept affirming confidence and pride in people’s achievements
  • Development of new partnerships with Family Mosaic, XLP, as well as continuing to build on the RESTORE partnership

And some of our big ideas for the future…

  • Crowd-funding events to help publicise and fund some of the Projects being run by the community under SE-Village
  • Creating a community knowledge bank through VillageNet – online forum and resource site including an area for discussions, questions, & support, a resource area with advice articles on how to get PR, design posters, etc written by mentors/users, and a useful contacts area with details of local (or good non-local) supporting businesses like printers, web designers etc
  • Launch of the Peckham Pound, an alternative currency backed by volunteer time (not by sterling like Brixton Pound) as a way to bring pride and more volunteerism into the community
  • Of course continuing the trend towards community ownership of SE-Village by mobilising volunteers, training up people to take leadership roles in the Village Council and expanding the mentoring scheme
  • And definitely continuing to build and share learning with others. We hoped to meet up with North London Citizens (Ark Academy) before the end of the pilot phase of the project but have run out of time!

why have a meeting when you can have a party?


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February 14, 2012 at 12:26 pm

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