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Thanks to a NESTA grant, Think Productive came in to train the team in ‘How to Get Things Done’ this month. It was a great start to the New Year, a real opportunity to stop and think, do some planning and organising. The biggest challenge was a mental one, everyone was raring to get started on project work, as we have a very busy January and February lined up. Not only are we ramping up support and connections opportunities for our SE-Village Community Project Leaders (more about that in future blogs), we’re working hard on evaluating outcomes so far and planning next steps for the project.

So its probably fair to say that most of the team came in to the training with their minds on their ‘to do’ lists. Thankfully, our trainer Graham was fantastic at making the training really relevant and specific. We got to explore our attitudes and prioritisation of what we had on. In particular, as Graham came to everyone’s desk in the afternoon, each of us got dedicated 121 attention! As project manager I personally found it useful but very challenging. Useful because I realised that my normal work planning approach (mind mapping) wasn’t helping me to prioritise, but also difficult because Graham challenged me to take off some work, which I put on to do list week after week. Its not easy to let go, so in the end I compromised by parking some tasks for the future, and carving out some quiet time for myself in the work day so I can knuckle down and concentrate on outstanding issues.

Some comments from the team:

Overall was a really good session. Really helpful.

Its very common sense but hadn’t thought of it before.

I’m getting more done now and looking at one thing at a time instead of several has improved my focus.

Its so simple to have a more specific to do list, it makes it much easier to act on and get done.

I’m better organised now and am looking forward to reviewing my plans regularly as it will be a good point to catch up and reprioritise.

And in a final comment from our Community Development Volunteer,

there was a good example on Friday. Lydia had asked for some things to be done but I hadn’t done them. Now I’ve written them down, prioritised them and set deadlines for them.

Programmes Manager Ann-Marie will be following up with everyone in their 121s to support them on implementing what was learned.

Take the how to get things done workshop with Think Productive. Help implement new productivity systems to get things done, and learn how to plan shorter and more effective meetings.


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January 24, 2012 at 4:21 pm

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