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SE-Village Spring Brochure Launch & Champagne Reception

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We don’t normally have alcohol at SE-Village events because it doesn’t usually feel appropriate. However, on this occasion, we wanted to really celebrate the achievement of the Projects who made it in to the Spring Brochure for SE-Village and to make them feel really special.

It was definitely a significant step for people to commit to making their project really real, by booking rooms for specific dates and times, and importantly by getting into a brochure for 10,000 homes around Peckham with their ‘pitch’, phone numbers and emails in it!

There was a great turn out on the night and a fantastic vibe to the evening, lots of laughter and chatting, with people mingling well – many have seen each other at different events now and are getting to know each other. We had a brilliant talk by one of our mentors Diane Regan, which you can see on our very own channel, SEVillageTV

Diane got people chatting and there was lots of interaction and there were loads of cheers when we cut the ribbon on the first batch of brochures. We also presented a certificate to Mike Clarke for finishing his workshop pilot, he seemed really pleased and surprised. Afterwards most people stayed on for over an hour after the talk, chatting and getting to know each other.

We were also able to actively facilitate some connections as one of the mentors was introduced to her mentee. The mentee had previously spoken to her mentor on the phone but put off meeting, saying she was too busy. Happily, when thrust together they hit it off. They discovered they had shared interests in common and the mentor later told me that there was “an immediate liking” between them. The mentee confided in me that she would never have made the call to meet up because she was unsure about the whole mentor thing. Then she told me

I’m really happy I met her, she’s exactly the kind of person I need in my life right now.

Since that event we got 8,000 brochures professionally distributed, and the rest were given out to Project Leaders to distribute themselves and we also went on a team outreach day door knocking and discussing them with people – more on that in the next blog!

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January 24, 2012 at 5:02 pm

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