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Our Christmas Bring and Share

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We had an absolutely fantastic Bring & Share Christmas party in December. We wanted to share the spirit of Christmas and of community and have a really fun, enjoyable event. We reached capacity in the hall and feedback from people who came was hugely positive, despite the crush!

Many people said that this was the best event Peckham Settlement has put on. Our success was partially due to the attraction of the Santa’s grotto and presents, which was sponsored by Saltash Enterprises, and decorated by our artist in residence. Lots of people came just to bring their children to see Santa and receive a gift, but ended up joining in with the meal, carol service and dancing and having much more fun than they expected to! The donation from Family Mosaic towards food to share with everyone was fantastic, and many people brought extra food to share as well, as little and as much as they could afford – we had donations ranging from mince pies, and Christmas cake, to sweet bites and rice and peas. Food was ably dished out by some of our SE-Village Project Leaders and other volunteers, and and Archie who works in the Programmes Team at The Peckham Settlement took on the key role of Santa.

The carol service had an unexpected hiccup as the choir we were hoping could come didn’t make it. In the end our artisit in residence (who designed and painted the grotto and took photos for us) led some singing, and our outreach worker Janet gave us a few great songs too! The star of the show was the blind pianist who played just amazingly, we want him back for our Big Celebration in February, so watch this space.

It all worked out better than we all could have expected as nearly everyone joined in with the singing and lots of our guests started dancing and the carol service was complemented as ‘the most fun bit’ of the night! It created the community vibe we hoped for at this event and actually demonstrated that something more simplistic and interactive was way more successful than a big performance or show.

We’re hoping to get some video footage of the night put up, and will let you know when we do.


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January 24, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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