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Building ideas with the Ideas Lab (Oct)

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One of October’s big achievements was SE-Village’s first ‘Idea Lab’. Our development workers had been overwhelmed by the huge level of response to SE-Village and the sheer numbers of people wanting to be involved. Obviously that is fantastic news for SE-Village, but the big concern was are we getting to chat to everyone who is interested or is our lack of physical ‘man’ hours creating a bottleneck in getting people involved?

So the team came up with the idea of holding a small event getting together those budding groups, clubs or social enterprises who are still at a very early ideas stage. The aim was really to explain a bit more about SE-Village, help them think about their idea in more detail and bounce their thoughts off each other. We felt that it would be a good opportunity to facilitate a bit more of an SE-Village community too.

Eleven people came to the Idea Lab, and the feedback was really positive, with people saying how good it was to meet each other and hear about the other potential projects. In fact, 2 people decided to join up with someone else, rather than trying to run something on their own.  There was also a great variety of project ideas discussed; a few inter-generational ideas, some looking at cultural roots, and everything in-between from performance to knitting!

We’re planning to hold monthly Ideas Lab sessions in the future, to keep building the SE-Village community.

Another great mini-event in October was our ‘Inspiring Mums’ hub event. We had learned from our previous hub event that we needed a smaller and more intimate setting in which to engage with people, rather than going down the flyers, banners, trying to catch people on the street approach (fine for outreach, but less good for in-depth conversations). We were really pleased that the 4 mums who turned up to chat with us really gelled with each other and have been talking about starting a group of their own!

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Finally in October, clearly the NESTA Autumn event was a big learning opportunity and it was really fantastic for us to meet the other Neighbourhood Challenge projects. In particular, seeing that other projects are in a really similar situation/facing similar challenges was really helpful. There were some great ideas and approaches that other projects have, and Re-Generate were particularly inspiring in their approach to building relationships.


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November 8, 2011 at 3:49 pm

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  1. Thanks for this update – really interesting to hear how relationships are built and developed – the photos are also great to see! I’m looking forward to my visit, and glad that you found the October workshop useful.


    November 15, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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