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Post-riot Peckham

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Making the most of the changing tide.

Peckham was hit by the riots across London as hundreds of young people (mostly but not exclusively) took to the streets raiding and looting and wounding and battling, Peckham police station was held up at gun point for about half an hour where no police could even leave the property. The streets were ruled by fear, and families and friends were momentarily torn apart by the tide of destruction and greed. But only momentarily…

As you may have seen in the press, the next day the tide started to turn. The peace wall began on the boarded up front of pound land. The peace wall now consists of 12 full size boards and thousands of post-it notes. People from all over Peckham and further afield came to show support and solidarity for the love of their community.  From the very next morning illustrations of how a community comes together in times of trials were everywhere. A good news newsletter was published that told stories of community heros and how to support the businesses that were effected! It may sound all a bit ‘post-war 1950s’ but the conversations really did turn from ‘what can the community and council do for me?’ to ‘What can I do for the community?’

The clean-up was engineered by what I call the ‘Broom Brigade’  – Volunteers armed with their brooms and bin bags came out in droves to help and the ‘broom brigade’ energy did not stop just when the streets were clean again. Over 200 volunteers have come forward since via our post-riot peckham blog and e-mail and newletter and have said they want to get involved. Many of them would like to start mentoring young people and for the rest, ‘what can I do?’ became a question we were ready for… ENTER SE-VILLAGE!!

The newly created community spirit that has developed is a community organisers dream. So SE-Village have jumped in with both feet. We are there to support the people that have a new dream for their community, have a new itch to get involved but don’t know how or wrote a post-it note that showed their commitment and love for Peckham and so we have prompted the question, what next? – what can you give to Peckham and by the way, we can help you!!

The riots were not a good excuse for some free shopping but I am unashamed to say that they are a great excuse for some good old fashioned community spirit and SE-Village has countless more interest and club ideas than ever before!

Until Friday 9th September our SE-Village showcase!


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September 5, 2011 at 10:28 am

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  1. I love to disseminate knowledge that will I’ve built up through the year to help enhance team performance.


    July 22, 2013 at 9:00 pm

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