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With the new SE-village team now all in place we began our SE-Village relaunch. This week we did a very intense and thorough review of what we have achieved, how we have done this, why we have we done this, what do we need to change, what do we need to do better and who is going to do it?! The ‘Master plan’ project sheet now looks like it is a diagram for the most complicated and detailed scientfic discovery of all time – we have really hit the ground running! We used many of the techniques illistated by NESTA –  Post-it notes came in very handy!  We wrestled with some of those difficult questions aboout what have we seen work and what hasn’t. We tussled with employing our exit strategy at such early stages of the projects, but always wanting to be aware that ideally we would work ourselves out of job and we wouldn’t facilitate any kind of dependance.

 We had some fun looking at the stories that are working and debating on how to use these as inspiration for the next round of clubs. We now have 14 clubs that are some way on the journey and an outreach worker, who, with every conversation is engaging more and more peopple that want to be involved. As I’ve said before, I no longer believe in ‘the poverty of aspiration’ people have ideas. In my next blog post I will give you some examples of people’s ideas in their own words… watch this space.

In the mean time we set our newest summer targets – the events that we are running, the outreach goals and agendas – what event to attend and publisice, who in our locality are our target audience and where are they in the summer. We are planning 3 events over the summer that are being hosted in cooperation with us to advertise SE-Village but being held in already established community hubs, for Peckham that is the Jamacian restaurant, the hairdressing salons and the job centre. We are then holding one of our ‘RE-Launch’ events that is another tool to invite and engage new people, showcase what has already been achieved and use people’s own stories as inspiration to others and celebrate what has already been done – Our ‘celebrate and repeat’ phase is coming early. This event is on the 9th September – everyone is welcome to attend!

The newest marketing gem was designed by our current summer intern ‘Dream your village, See you village – SE-Village’

We’re living the dream why can’t they?!


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July 15, 2011 at 4:34 pm

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  1. Thematically, †Who You Are†sticks to Sesame Street topics such as staying true to who you are and following your dream.

    Dylan Erickson z

    January 6, 2012 at 6:09 am

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