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Q: What’s been going well so far and why?

Stories… we learn by stories and at the art event just described, people came with their stories and mingled them together. We illustrated what was happening by making a piece of community art where people contributed to a map of Peckham, sticking on their homes or their favourite places. It was a wonderful symbol of community. The art event was very successful at getting community members rallied around a point of interest and excited about the next project/club. It inspired more people to put in applications for different clubs they may want to run and generally felt great for all involved! The food for the evening was contributed by another SE-Village potential cooking club leader. Community at it’s very best always involves good food!!

Q: What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why?

The challenges has been the timing. The start just before the Easter holidays and all the bank holidays with staff away (including myself!) However now we’re back and everyone is raring to go. Pulling in all the new team members and hitting the ground running.

Q: How have the community been involved in the project set up so far?

We are about to have one of our first ‘Steering Group’ meetings that will involve many local community members that already have an investment into SE-Village. This will inform the project set up directly and will be open to anyone who would like to have a say.

Q: Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far?

We haven’t done any significant problem solving or conflict management yet… Very Surprising!! :o)


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May 3, 2011 at 2:00 pm

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  1. Hello! Great to hear things are moving on in the area – would be lovely to hear and see a little more once you have a moment to breathe 🙂 Looking forward to a visit soon and to meet some people involved in the project!

    Alice Casey

    May 6, 2011 at 10:31 am

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